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Haitian women and girls will spend hours collecting drinking water for their families instead of getting education. *

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Students, Haitians, Businesses and Nonprofits all over the world are collaborating to transform Haiti.

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"Haiti-based projects are worth donor time because each region of Haiti is different in its needs, and with donor time and investment, we as members would be able to zero in on the most effective strategy on helping the Haitian community. HHH desires to create a long-term sustainability plan; we also have the power to assist in short-term goals through asking specific citizens what THEY need for their future."

Olivia Cabanban, 19
Help Heal Haiti (Butler University)


"Every single dollar counts. That seems cliché for a lot of organizations but in a place like Haiti, the needs they have are so relatively “inexpensive” compared to most. Your money and your ability to change their world can be visible so easily. It’s not about giving handouts or fixing one thing for them and leaving. It’s about teaching them what it will take to break the cycle they are in."

Britta McArthur, 21
Help Heal Haiti (Butler University)