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Jul 28, 2014 · In Archives Haiti Today · 0

Voodoo Taboo?

A sign of Haiti's complicated religious atmosphere:  voodoo followers dance during an Easter celebration

Chibly Langlois, the first Roman Catholic cardinal from Haiti, believes that some of his country’s social problems originate from voodoo, which rivals (and sometimes co-exists with) Catholicism as Haiti’s most popular religion.  The cardinal claims that Haitians practicing voodoo are more likely to search for magical solutions to their problems rather than seek education, professional […]

Jul 28, 2014 · In Archives Haiti Today · 0

A New Destination

Haitians can plan on seeing more American Airline jets in the near future

Flying to Haiti from the United States just became a bit easier.  American Airlines plans to add a non-stop flight to a second location in Haiti starting in October.  For more than forty years, American Airlines has provided a daily flight from their hub in Miami to the Haitian capital of Port-au-Prince.  The airline hopes […]

Jul 28, 2014 · In Archives Haiti Today · 0

A Sweet Deal

Haitian super trees may hold the key to improving the country's agriculture

As economic demand for chocolate increases around the world (at a growing rate of 3.1 percent per year according to the World Cocoa Foundation), chocolate connoisseurs and companies are searching for the next great gold-mine of cocoa.  Some experts believe that new source is Haiti.  Once a major exporter of cocoa during the French and […]

Jul 21, 2014 · In Archives Haiti Today · 0

Home Away From Haiti

President Martelly entertaining the audience in Little Haiti

In a recent trip to the United States, President Martelly and Prime Minister Lamothe brought the Haitian government to the Haitian diaspora.  The two officials held a town hall meeting in Miami’s Little Haiti to hear the concerns of the community’s prominent Haitian American population.  The meeting lasted several hours and contained over a thousand […]

Jul 21, 2014 · In Archives Haiti Today · 0

A Sporting Chance

President Martelly, Prime Minister Lamothe, IOC President Bach, and UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon

An important part of any culture, sports offer opportunities to exercise, experience the thrill of competition, gather around a common cause, and hope for a better future; these are the gifts the International Olympic Committee, its stakeholders, the United Nations, and the Haitian government have brought to the Caribbean nation.  Last week, the IOC opened […]

Jul 14, 2014 · In Archives Haiti Today · 0

An Island Divided

Haitian Prime Minister Laurent Lamothe with one of his Dominican counterparts

Though some progress has been made in the Dominican Republic’s recent crackdown on illegal immigrants (many of which originate from Haiti) and their children, the issue is still far from resolved.  Haitian Prime Minister Laurent Lamothe announced on Thursday that his government was ready to begin increased efforts to provide former Haitian emigrants the necessary […]

Jul 14, 2014 · In Archives Haiti Today · 0

The Art of War

Though machete-fencing has violent roots, it is now a form of self-defense and cultural martial art

The machete was the primary weapon of choice for slaves at the beginning of the Haitian Revolution from 1791-1804, but the tool has more recently taken on less lethal (but certainly dangerous) uses.  A new documentary made by a Miami-based filmmaker and funded by crowd-sourcing explores the little known form of Haitian martial arts known […]

Jul 14, 2014 · In Archives Haiti Today · 0

One Step Backwards

President Martelly (left) recently selected controversial lawyer Fritzo Canton (right) to lead the electoral council

Though President Martelly claims that his government is determined to hold elections on the previously announced date of October 26th, some of his opponents in the Senate argue that the proposed plan is constitutional.  High ranking members of several opposition parties believe that the electoral council Martelly has formed to organize the balloting process is […]

Jul 7, 2014 · In Archives Haiti Today · 0

Riding the Waves

One of Surf Haiti's most talented members shows off his skills

At Kabic Beach, near the city of Jacmel, the Haitian surfing revolution is underway.  More than five years ago, seeing a surf board in Haiti would be unheard of, but a group known as Surf Haiti has gradually made the sport a permanent staple of Kabic Beach.  Founded by two Hawaiians participating in the recovery […]

Jul 7, 2014 · In Archives Haiti Today · 0

Getting Down to Business

President Martelly at the New York headquarters of the Wall Street Journal

Temporarily removing himself from the ongoing election drama in Haiti, President Martelly visited the Wall Street Journal’s New York office last week to discuss his opinions on the current state of Haiti and the country’s future.  One major point stressed by Martelly was the significant progress that has been made in rebuilding Haiti since he […]