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Jan 14, 2015 · In Archives Haiti Today · 0

Time Runs Out

As of 12:01 AM on January 13th, President Martelly rules the country without a legislative body

Last Fall, Haitian politicians agreed to push back the deadline for congressional and municipal elections to January 12th, the fifth anniversary of the 2010 earthquake.   January 12th came and went without any elections being held, however, and now Congress has been dissolved.  As a result, President Martelly will rule Haiti by decree until his term […]

Jan 14, 2015 · In Archives Haiti Today · 0

Tourists Welcome

A look at Tortuga, a popular island destination on Haiti's northern coast

Travel + Leisure has named Haiti one of the top 50 places to visit in 2015.  The organization cites the government’s recent efforts to increase tourism, new means of traveling to the country (including new plane and cruise services), and new hotels/resorts that host incredible dining and art.  Travel + Leisure also highlights the many […]

Jan 14, 2015 · In Archives Haiti Today · 0

Mental Health and Spirituality

A voodoo priest leads a ritual celebrating those who survived the 2010 earthquake

While the fifth anniversary of Haiti’s catastrophic 2010 earthquake brings to mind the fate of the staggering amount of individuals that died, the survivors of the disaster did not escape unscathed by any account.  However, though several sources have investigated the physical harm and handicaps the event caused, little is made of the earthquake’s effect […]

Jan 6, 2015 · In Archives Haiti Today · 0

Under Pressure

Ambassadors from the UN Security Council will visit Haiti from 1/23-1/25

If the Haitian government does not hold elections this week, President Martelly will rule by decree alone.  Hoping to avoid this fate and prevent senate seats from expiring on January 12th, the UN Security Council has once again asked Martelly and his political peers to hold credible elections as soon as possible.  As the looming […]

Jan 6, 2015 · In Archives Haiti Today · 0

By the Book

Dimitry Elias Legér (right) and his editor

In time for the fifth anniversary of Haiti’s 2010 earthquake, author Dimitry Elias Legér has released a novel that ties politics, a fictional love-triangle, and the natural disaster together to form a compelling narrative.  Titled “God Loves Haiti,” the book looks at the earthquake through the lens of survival, reminding the audience that (while 300,000 […]

Jan 6, 2015 · In Archives Haiti Today · 0

Industrial Revolution

Employees can be seen here working on circuit boards

While many individuals in the international community may believe Haitian industry and manufacturing is limited to textile factories, one company is trying to change that narrative.  Surtab, a tablet computer company founded in 2013, has become a leader in the Caribbean’s technology industry thanks to its factory in Port-au-Prince.  Not only has Surtab challenged the […]

Dec 29, 2014 · In Archives Haiti Today · 0

A New Tactic

This new cholera treatment center can be found in Port-au-Prince

As the war against diseases such as cholera wages on in Haiti, two new clinics are exhibiting important new tactics.  Built by the MASS Design Group, these two clinics make use of local materials and are open-air structures.  These designs dramatically contrast the traditional Western models most clinics adhere to, buildings that are essentially airtight […]

Dec 29, 2014 · In Archives Haiti Today · 0

Back to Sender

Steven Blaney, the Public Safety Minister of Canada, was one of the major players behind the decision to reinstate deportation to Haiti

For over 10 years, the Canadian government has included Haiti on its removal moratorium list, which suspended the deportation of illegal Haitian immigrants and improperly documented refugees.  Haiti had been placed on this list because of safety concerns on the ground, but Canada now claims that the nation has experienced enough recovery and political stability […]

Dec 29, 2014 · In Archives Haiti Today · 0

Prime Maneuvers

The former presidential candidate may soon become Prime Minister

Less than a week after Florence Duperval Guillaume was appointed interim prime minister, President Martelly has nominated an individually to fill the position on a long-term basis.  On Christmas Day, Martelly named former presidential candidate and previous mayor of Port-au-Prince Evans Paul as his first choice for prime minister.  Before he claims the position, though, […]

Dec 21, 2014 · In Archives Haiti Today · 0

Diplomatic Developments

President Martelly played at least a small role in last week's historic shift in US-Cuba relations

While President Martelly has been struggling with domestic policy, he has shown that he is capable of influencing more global politics.  Though he declined to go into detail, Martelly played a role in the recent ease in tensions between the United States and Cuba.  Talking with officials Cuba, the president of Haiti helped negotiate the […]