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University of St. Gallen - Switzerland

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Short Mission Statement
Our mission is to sustainably improve the sanitary & health conditions in Haitian schools. We achieve this by - Helping to improve the sanitary infrastructure in Haitian schools - Educating teachers and children to enhance their understanding for sanitary issues - Building a network that connects students with various capabilities to achieve greater impact
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Areas of Intervention

Women & Children - Water & Sanitation - Health & Prevention

Year of Creation




Number of Members

1 to 10 Members

Group's Milestones and Achievements
Rise Haiti is a non-for profit organization that was founded in 2012 by students of the SIM Master program at the University of St. Gallen. The organization's main focus is to improve the living and learning environment of kindergarten and school children in Haiti, mainly in the area around the capital Port-au-Prince. Already in its first year, the organization was able to provide the funds necessary to build an additional classroom for a primary school. In the following year, the project succeeded to support a school with the funds to build a hand-washing facility, countering the lack of hygiene. This year, the focus is again laid upon the general living standards of people in Haiti. One of the most urgent needs in the region is the establishment of a functioning sanitary system. Rise Haiti therefore decided to provide a kindergarten with a toilet design that would improve the hygiene standards while being highly applicable to an environment such as Port-au-Prince, a city without functioning sewage systems. After a few months of fundraising and planning, we left for our on-site visit in the beginning of February 2015. Together with our U.S. partner Toilets for People and our local partner Foi et Joie Haiti, we were able to successfully implement all aspects of our project – four toilets, but also workshops for the children, teachers, parents and technical students. We are convinced that our efforts contributed to our overall goal of fighting the lack of hygiene, which causes many fatal diseases like cholera or diarrhea. After the completion of our on-site project we will focus on our second, more long-term goal of establishing an international student network that shall be able to provide helping hands from various professional backgrounds through geographical presence or internships.
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Philipp Frey