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Leogane, Haiti

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Jolinda Hackett
Executive Director

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GOALS uses soccer to engage kids and communities in sport, education and health programs which improve quality of life while developing new leadership for the future.

Areas of Intervention

Women & Children - Health & Prevention - Education

Description of the Project
  • GOALS is focused on creating effective ways for the young people of Haiti to improve their lives and communities both on a daily basis and for future generations. Haiti remains the poorest country in the Western Hemisphere, and continues to struggle with economic and political instability.
  • The areas in which GOALS operates lack basic services, opportunities for young people, and resources for local development. Through our programs, boys and girls become passionate about community projects, education, and health initiatives.
  • GOALS emphasizes both education and action, and invests heavily in children and young adults to become change-makers for themselves and their communities.
  • GOALS programs directly impact over 500 children each month, and an additional 3,500 people are affected through outreach to players’ families and local communities.
  • GOALS’ community projects are determined by community-identified needs. In 2010, GOALS built a public toilet and 230 hurricane shelters in a rural Haitian village called Destra. Prior to these projects, 69% of residents lived in tents or under tarps due to the devastating January 2010 earthquake, and 96% of residents had no access to any toilet or sanitation facilities.
  • Additional projects that we are proud of include mobile health clinics, hygiene promotion, and household vegetable gardens.