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Advocacy Guide


Although many people have doubts about giving to Haiti, pleading and arguing are two sure ways to dissuade donors. Here, we provide a guide that will help you 1) convince skeptics of your project’s relevance and 2) distinguish it from some of the less-worthy ones out there. 


 SFH Advocacy Guide 2013 Provides advocacy advice in addition to testimonies of Haitians, students, and NGO leaders. All remind readers of the importance and value of investing energy, time, and money in Haiti.

Advocacy Packet The Association of Supervision and Curriculum Development provides an EXCELLENT, thorough guide to advocacy, especially for those looking to work more directly with policymakers, educators, and the media.


Useful Links

Haiti Advocacy Working Group (HAWG) Here, you find a group of international development, faith-based, human rights, and social justice organizations advocating on issues related to United States-Haiti policy. Their site provides updates with regards to the US-Haiti political sphere and ways to advocate for legislative changes.


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