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Approaching Greek Life


When it comes to ensuring that your fundraiser or events will be well-attended it is no secret that Greek Life participation can be the key to reaching your goals. Greek Life makes up between 15-20% of the student body on most college campuses and its members have numerous connections to alumni, which can serve as a source of support or donations.


Before approaching Greek Life about your upcoming initiatives, consider the following:


  • What do you hope to gain from their involvement? Sororities and/or fraternities could spread awareness as well as boost attendance at, co-sponsor, or even fully-fund an upcoming event.
  • Which fraternities and/or sororities are required to participate in multicultural events or complete a certain number of service hours? Market the event as a viable way for Greek life members to meet their requirements, if they have any.
  • Do you know anyone active in Greek life? A friend, a classmate, a friend of a friend even? Ask him/her if there are particular fraternities or sororities that take an interest in Haiti or international development. Perhaps you could attend a meeting and pitch an idea. Better yet, maybe there is an inter-fraternity or inter-sorority meeting where you could pitch an idea to multiple groups simultaneously.
  • You might also consider attending a student council meeting where you could meet and approach a Greek Life representative on your own.


And remember: DON’T get discouraged if you don’t get the response from the Greek Life community that you had hoped for. Speaking to one person or a group of people about Haiti is already doing something positive. Learn from your mistakes and successes and simply move on to the next opportunity!!!



Delta Sigma Pi Fundraising Guide Reading this will give your group a sense of what Greek organizations typically look for in fundraisers. This guide also provides useful fundraising strategies for any group to use.

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