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Leaders of nonprofit organizations everywhere often cite fundraising as the biggest challenge they face. On this page, we provide tips for sparking donor interest in your initiatives. We also provide direct links to a myriad of websites and downloadable PDFs that provide fundraising ideas and tips.


Before You Fundraise

We understand that getting steady streams of donor dollars is difficult, especially for Haiti when immediate disaster relief is not encouraged by the media. However, as your group knows, Haiti doesn’t need to be the victim of natural disaster to merit donor support. You may not have the media on your side, but consider creating the following documents and/or multimedia for those interested (even those not interested) in your organization.


  • Brochure about your organization For distribution at kiosks, activity nights, events, etc.
  • Solicitation letters Letters asking your family and friends for their generous support.
  • Special event invitations Inviting community members to special events will paint a positive image of your organization.
  • Newsletter To update friends, family, and community members about your groups’ activities.
  • Press releases Let the greater community know about your organization by issuing a statement and have it published by your local newspaper. You could even make a comment about a pertinent topic.
  • Annual report Prepare a formal report that outlines your groups’ annual expenses, income, and accomplishments.
  • Articles Reach out to local newspapers, magazines, and other publications regarding your initiatives. Contact MANY, you never know who might respond.
  • Wish list Provide donors with a list of items that members of your organization and/or identified population need.
  • Engaging video A good video holds audience attention and evokes emotion. GOAL: Get viewers to feel the same passion that you do for the cause.
  • Slideshow Consider creating a Powerpoint or similar presentation that can be reused and modified to suit your group’s presentation needs.
  • PSAs (public service announcements) An advertisement or brief commercial on a local channel could make your group ‘famous’ among community members within a short period of time.


Steps for Successful Fundraising

Read more about our suggested steps in our SFH Fundraising Guide                                                                 (PDF can be downloaded below)

  1. Create a fundraising committee
  2. Set fundraising goals
  3. Examine fundraising history
  4. Identify funding sources
  5. Prioritize funding sources
  6. Determine and assign tasks
  7. Implement plan
  8. Follow up and communicate with donors
  9. Evaluate and keep going


SFH Fundraising Guide 2013 Nine suggested steps for successful fundraising, discussed in-detail. Also provides fundraiser ideas by category: Popular, Goods & Services, Raffles & Auctions, Holidays, Creative & Comical.

Useful Links

101 Fundraising Ideas Provides fundraising ideas, even tips to ensure that donors keep the pledges that they make to you.

Fundraiser Feedback This blog poses the question: 'What are the best fundraisers you've ever seen?' Read contributor responses to get an idea of what does and doesn't work.

SignUp Genius Fifty fundraiser ideas to get your group started.


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