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Haiti History


Haiti has a diverse and complex history that our team has divided into more digestible pieces. Read the Students for Haiti synopses of these important periods in Haitian history and share them with your group by downloading the Haiti History 1791-Present PDF below.


  • Revolution and freedom (1791-1804)
  • Political corruption and debt (1804-1915)
  • U.S occupation of Haiti (1915-1934)
  • The Duvalier dictatorships (1957-1986)
  • Democracy in Haiti (1990—present)
  • Return of former Haitian dictators
  • The Martelly Presidency


Learn even MORE using the Teaching About Haiti pamphlet provided by social justice organization, Teaching for Change  whose PDFs are also available for you to download below.


Haiti History 1791-present

Periods in Haitian history summarized for those looking to learn the basics.

Learning About Haiti: Cover, Credits & Introduction

Learning About Haiti: Haiti History: Part I

Learning About Haiti: Haiti History: Part II

Learning About Haiti: Map 

Learning About Haiti: Studying the Media

Learning About Haiti: Roots of Poverty

Learning About Haiti: Former President Jean Bertrand Aristide & Roots of Democracy

Learning About Haiti: Haitian Voices

Learning About Haiti: Literature: The Konbit, Poetry & Folktales 

Learning About Haiti: Vodou

Learning About Haiti: Songs of Resistance

Learning About Haiti: Proverbs

Useful Links

Haiti History Course

The content of a full-semester Haiti history course is made available by Webster University professor, Dr. Bob Corbett.

Haiti Rewired

This site provides synopses of books that aim to uncover Haiti's infrastructural past and seek to answer the question: What geographical, biological, social, technological, and political factors have shaped the roads, networks, and tools available to Haitians today? 

Haitian Pearl

This nonprofit organization thoroughly analyzes events, world views, and cycles of oppression that have shaped Haiti's current condition and culture. A timeline format is used and Haiti's history is divided into three parts, dating back to the Pre-Colonial Era.

Excellent source of historical (as well as cultural and current events) information written in French.

Political & Economic History of Haiti: San José State University

Provides information about early Haitian histoy, rebellion, and battles for independence as context for Haiti's current politics, social stratification, and economic policy. This piece also analyzes the ramifications of the 2010 earthquake on the Haitian economy.

Teaching for Change

Provides an extensive list of books, pamphlets, articles, teaching guides, posters & films pertaining to Haitian history in an effort to incorporate the topic of social justice into modern education.

Library of Congress

Offers a detailed, straightforward history of Haiti and its tumultuous politics.


An article about Haitian history published by PBS that provides links to related articles.

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