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Videos and documentaries are a great way to educate group members, donors, and yourself about Haiti!

Below are some suggested media, categorized (Haiti History, Students for Haitisynopses included.

1) Optimism in Haiti

In Haiti: A road trip documentary (1:13:53)

A genuine portrait of pre-earthquake Haiti created by friends on a road trip. While there is poverty and problems with regards to education, healthcare, deforestation, and food insecurity, this documentary explores the country and its people on a deeper, more colorful level.

Haiti Is Moving Forward- 2013 Documentary Version (JcLaurent) (45:42)

Shows that while Haiti is very poor, there are endless beautiful places to visit in Haiti as well. This video explores the sights, people, climate, mountains, and culture of Haiti.

An Optimist in Haiti (13:22)

Interview of Lionel Pressoir, an entrepreneur with the dream of making Milo, Haiti a tourist city. Despite the challenges and time it will take to make his dreams come true, he is resilient and continues to fight for his dream.





2) Students for Haiti 


The Start of Students for Haiti (2009)  (7:05)

Tells the story of SFH Founder, Matt Watters. After multiple trips to Haiti with the Eagle Scouts and the St. Boniface Haiti Foundation, Watters set out to improve healthcare in Haiti by forming an active student group at the University of Delaware. Here he recounts his experiences, speaks of fundraising successes, and advocates for the reconstruction of a clinic destroyed in the 2010 earthquake.

Interview with Matt Watters, SFH Founder (The Review-University of DE)  (5:59)

Staff of The Review, a University of Delaware publication, interview SFH Founder, Matt Watters after Students for Haiti orchestrates a well-attended benefit concert to raise funds for the reconstruction of a clinic destroyed in the 2010 earthquake.

3) Development in Haiti

Poverty in Haiti (4:59)

Explores the hardships and poverty that Haiti has faced through the point of view of adopted Haitian children. This video shows that despite the suffering, there is hope and beauty that is worth fighting for.

Heart Cry in Haiti (7:40)

An MUST-SEE video about an orphanage in Haiti that was founded by Celianie, a brave woman who left her own life and became a mother to over 100 children. Although these children lack many resources, they are able to rise because they receive love and an education and many have even gone to college and made a life for themselves.

Haiti Documentary (9:35)

A short documentary depicting life in a rural Haitian village and efforts by American organization New Life for Haiti to help Haitians make better lives for themselves.

Haiti: The Aid Dilemma (14:49)

The post-earthquake disaster relief, while meant to help the people of Haiti, in fact created new problems. Some suggest giving money and vouchers in order to strengthen business, but Davidson and Fox of NPR Frontline discover that this idea is more complicated than they thought.

A Brief History of Haiti that Every American Should Know (10:37)

An analysis by Haitian community leaders of the current challenges faced in Haiti in relation to the US-Haiti relationship and NGO work in Haiti.

HAITI Documentary: “The Road to Fondwa” (37:17)

The powerful story of a rural Haitian community set on changing Haiti’s future, one university student at a time. The video shows that the road to development is a two-way street, not a one-way street, between two very different yet intricately connected nations.

Makonen Fos Nou “Weaving Our Strength”: Part I  (9:06)

Josette Perard, Director of the NGO Lambi Fund of Haiti, discusses Weaving our Strength, Lambi’s project in which it partners with local grassroots organizations to empower individuals and work toward sustainable solutions. It sets these projects in a larger context.

Makonen Fos Nou “Weaving Our Strength”: Part II (7:24)

The second part of the short video about grassroots development projects in Haiti. The Director of Lambi Fund of Haiti, Josette Perard, sets these projects in a larger context.



4) Haiti History

 PBS Egalite for All: Toussaint Louverture and the Haitian Revolution (55:23)

An excellent account of the Haitian Revolution and Toussaint Louverture’s role in leading Haiti to independence.

 Black in Latin America-Haiti & the Dominican Republic: An Island Divided (51:26)

A documentary describing the strained relations in both the past and present between Haiti and the Dominican Republic, the issue of race in the Dominican Republic and Haiti, and the double-edged sword of Haiti’s fight for independence.



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