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Students’ Feedback


1.    What do you look for in a partner organization?            

Vassar Haiti Project is about partnership in all senses of the word – from holding art sale fundraisers in the US to assisting our partnering village, Chermaitre, in its implementation of sustainable development projects. We believe in listening to our local partners and understanding their goals and priorities first and foremost. We operate with respect and transparency, creativity and hard work – and we look for the same in partner organizations.  

-Cindy Fung, age 22 (Vassar Haiti Project-Vassar College)-

Cindy Fung (age 22, class of 2014)Carolina tavarez

We are looking for an organization that works  to create self-sustainable solutions to poverty.  In particular, we seek organizations dedicated to providing free access to high-quality education for children all over the world.  

-Carolina Tavárez , age 25 (Ann Prepare Lavni-UC Davis)-


As of now, the Haiti Justice Alliance of Northfield (HJA) primarily partners with grassroots Haitian organizations. As per our mission statement, we would be interested in partnering with any organization that also “works for the sustainable structural changes needed in Haiti to provide political, social and economic rights for ALL Haitians.” HJA supports any effort that is Haitian-led, Haitian-supported, and sustainable.

-Petra Hahn, age 21 (Haiti Justice Alliance-St. Olaf College)-


Petra Hahn-Haiti Justice Alliance St. Olaf CollegeSarah Huang-Haiti Clean Stove Project-Illinois State University

Students for Haiti is looking for a helping hand in making the world a better place. We are looking for  a group with a great vibe and genuine desire to help the less fortunate and not just a group that hopes to boost its resume and image.

– Christian Long, age 20 (Students for Haiti- Grand Valley State University)-


Christian Long - Students for Haiti (Grand Valley State University)Courtney-Help Heal Haiti (Butler University)

Only projects focusing on sustainability will help Haiti. So, we love organizations that respect the voices of the local people and work for long term benefits . Ultimately, friendship, innovation, and encouragement to Haiti are the most important elements  we are looking for in a partner organization.

– Sarah Huang, age 21 (Haiti Clean Stove Project)-

Help Heal Haiti is looking for a group that is serving Haiti in the most educated and aware mindset. Haiti has been wronged many times by organizations that enter into their country and do more harm than good. We want to partner with organizations that know the difference between giving the Haitian people something and helping them create sustainable change.

-Britta McArthur, age 21 (Help Heal Haiti-Butler University)-

In partner organizations, I look for deep connections to their cause. Organizations that take the time to travel, meet the people they are working with, and promote sustainable growth in specific communities are organizations that I desire to work with in a devoted fashion.

-Chloe Richardson, age 22 (Help Heal Haiti-Butler University)-

 Aaron-Help Heal Haiti (Butler University)

I look for passion in a partner organization. In order to make a difference, people have to really care.

– Courtney West , age 20 (Help Heal Haiti-Butler University)-

I look for similar values and goals as our own in a partner organization. If both organizations are working toward the same goal, only good can come.

– Samantha Helferich, age 22 (Help Heal Haiti-Butler University)-


Because the UC Haiti Initiative is inherently a collaborative organization, we are always looking to partner with different groups. In our affiliates, we value commitment to global development, sustainability in collaborative projects, and mutual benefit in terms of resources. We hope our potential partnerships will empower Haiti and its people.

– Adeel Ashfaq, age 22 (UC Haiti)-


Adeel Ashfaq-UC HaitiSamantha-Help Heal Haiti (Butler University)

I look for an organization that, despite differences in operation, shares the same vision of success for Haiti, one in which the principles of sustainability, autonomy, responsibility, and dignity take precedence over all others. The best partner organization, in my opinion, is one willing to be completely transparent in its identification of its capacity to assist and in its information/idea sharing.

– Aaron Harrison, 21 (Help Heal Haiti-Butler University)-


2.    What makes you more likely to volunteer with and/or fundraise for one organization over another?

We love collaborating with organizations and individuals who share a similar commitment in being global citizens and bringing sustainable development to underserved communities. We actively look for partnering opportunities, either on fundraising efforts in the US, or field operations in Haiti through the sharing of knowledge and resources.

– Cindy Fung, age 22 (Vassar College-Vassar Haiti Project)-

Education is the focus of our group, so we would like to fundraise for any organization that is dedicated to improving education outcomes.

-Carolina Tavárez , 25 (Ann Prepare Lavni-UC Davis)-

We would be more likely to volunteer/fundraise with an organization that also partners with grassroots Haitian organizations.

-Petra Hahn, age 21 (Haiti Justice Alliance-St. Olaf College)-

While a good idea or concept is necessary for an organization to be viable, it is insufficient. The organization in question must also be committed to the following principles: sustainability, autonomy, responsibility, and dignity. If an organization truly values these four core concepts above all else and is creative and diligent in its efforts, then that is the type of organization I want to get behind.

– Aaron Harrison, age 21 (Help Heal Haiti-Butler University)-

I am more likely to volunteer with a group that is very organized. I think organization helps to make groups more successful.

– Courtney West , age 20 (Help Heal Haiti-Butler University)-

An organization’s mission statement and the interactions I have with those from the organization are what drive me to volunteer and/or fundraise for one organization over another. Like I said before, it’s all about having values and goals line up, so a strong mission with which I agree, and a driven group that is easy to work with influences these kinds of decisions.

– Samantha Helferich, age 22 (Help Heal Haiti-Butler University)-


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