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What We Look For


When organizations request a page in our database, we assess their adherence to our ten Development Principles (PDF also available below). Requests for a database page are strongest if we see that an organization:

  • Employs more Haitians than non-natives
  • Strengthens the Haitian economy
  • Uses resources in Haiti
  • Has a plan for sustainability
  • Is endorsed by Haitians as well as student volunteers
  • Constantly seeks input from the communities it serves
  • Serves a diverse population
  • Can provide specific examples of how it embodies our ten Development Principles
  • Is eager to work with students
  • Has a variety of projects that students can get involved in (both large and small)

Additional resources aimed at building NGO presence and capacity can be found below.


SFH Principles of Development A PDF outlining the ten Development Principles upheld by members of the Students for Haiti community.

Capacity Building for Local NGOs A guidance manual for good practice that covers organizational governance, strategic planning, managing finances, managing people, managing projects, office administration, and publicity and fundraising.


Useful Links

Social Media Tips for NGOs Facebook page that shares articles, case studies, PowerPoint decks, videos and other resources about how non-government organizations can use social media more effectively.  

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