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Why Haiti

Facts & Statistics


Haiti is NOT a ‘lost cause’ as the skeptics may say. Lots of GREAT CHANGE is happening in this country!!

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  Did you know that?…

1. The United Nations cites Haiti’s crime rate as the lowest in the Caribbean, equal to that of Long Beach, California.


2. The University Hospital of Mirebalais, the only energy-independent hospital in Haiti and largest in the Americas, has just opened!

University Hospital of Mirebalais

(University Hospital of Mirebalais)

3. Many industrial parks and infrastructure projects have been built since the earthquake! The Caracol Industrial Park, for example, is a $300 million project expected to employ almost 100,000 Haitian individuals!  


4. Haiti is seen by many as a place where small businesses constantly experience tremendous growth!


5. Haiti’s tourism industry is booming! President Martelly has made deals with Air Transit and is building a $40 million hotel in one of the most beautiful parts of Haiti!


6. President Martelly has increased efforts to move individuals out of tents and into new housing in their home villages!

Andress Appolon, new President of Electricite d’Hati utility.

(Andress Appolon, new President of Electricite d’Hati utility.)

7. President Martelly has made progress in addressing the issue of Haitian individuals leaving the country! He recently named Andress Appolon, a Haitian-American who attended Harvard, the first female director of the Electricite d’Hati utility!  


8. A U.S-funded crop improvement plan has caused corn yield to increase tenfold and rice yield to increase four-fold from 2010-2014.   


9. TOMS, a multimillion dollar company, has recently invested in Haiti and will hire Haitian workers to paint and design shoes!  

Haiti Aviation (Airline)

Haiti Aviation (Haitian Airline)


10. The Toussaint Louverture International Airport has been repaired and now has new shops, cafes, VIP and diplomat lounges, services for the disabled, and runways.   11. Haiti has its own airlines now: Haiti Aviation and Sunrise Airways!  


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