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Why Haiti

Recent Challenges


Ineffective relief efforts

Many charitable organizations exist in Haiti, but a great number of them compete for the same resources and/or fail to work effectively together. The United Nations Foundation has investigated this issue and concluded that both the U.N and other non-profit groups have been unable to implement information and communication systems that encourage coordinated actions. If efforts were more coordinated, a great deal more could certainly be accomplished.


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“The next step towards making aid to Haiti more efficient is a need for a larger umbrella organization for the NGO’s. In some areas, you have 5 NGO’s all working to solve and help the same problem, all doing little projects to shunt the issue. If there were a larger umbrella organization, to connect these NGO’s and make them collaborate and work together, perhaps even doing a more massive project, the issue may be able to not only be shunted, but be eliminated. The Haitian proverb “Men anpil, chay pa lou” means “Many hands [make] the load lighter.” Which is exactly what the situation with NGO’s need. With many hands helping with one load, the load is lighter.” –Jesse O’Shea, Director, Students for Haiti, Inc.


Although coordinating the thousands of development projects that currently exist both inside and outside of Haiti is a daunting task, by  utilizing networks, databases, and social media Students for Haiti hopes to encourage further collaboration and communication between Haiti-based organizations. Although students are not ‘professionals,’ they are an outspoken source of information whose words, actions, and principles affect outcomes in this country.

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