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Why Haiti

Facts & Statistics


Sanitation continues to be a large challenge that faces Haiti. Efforts to educate the population, improve sanitation systems, and provide adequate supplies continue to be made.


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Did you know that?…


1. Many international sanitation programs have been implemented in Haiti and show great promise:


i. Training Haitian students to work in groups and discuss cholera and other      health hazards in school. These students then share these health messages with their families and communities.


ii. Building new washrooms in Port-au-Prince schools.


i. working to improve water supplies, provide water and sanitation for displaced populations and health facilities, improve water quality control and provide health worker training.


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2. Haitian organizations are taking initiative and producing great results!

A. DINEPA (Haiti’s water and sanitation agency) developed a plan to fight cholera by  focusing on household and community water chlorination, sanitation, hygiene, and health education.

B. In Port-au-Prince, the following projects have improved water and sanitation:

i. Improved small-scale water supplies

ii. Household latrines

iii. Improved water and sanitation supplies in health centers


3. GREAT IMPROVEMENTS have been achieved!

A. The cholera rate has DECREASED in Port-au-Prince.

B. The water source in rural areas has improved: 55% of the rural population has improved water.

C. The sanitation facilities in rural areas have improved: 10% of the rural population has improved sanitation facilities.


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